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Various Forms of Heavy Lifting Cranes

Cranes have been in use since the days of the Romans for lifting large pieces of stone and other building material into place during construction, and while earlier inventions were very basic, modern cranes utilise state of the art technology to ensure safe lifting. Here are some of the common types of cranes that are used in industry today.

  • Mobile Crane – This is by far the most popular type of crane used today, and with affordable crane hire in Perth, the crane operator can position the crane into the right location for almost any lift. A mobile crane has stabilising legs that are lowered to provide a solid lifting base and the book is telescopic, allowing the operator to choose the amount of extension, and for most one-off lifts, the mobile crane is the machine for the job.
  • Tower Crane – The tower crane is mainly used when building high rise projects, with additional sections of the tower added as it grows in height. A tower crane might be used at ground level, or the crane might be on the top floor of the construction, growing at the same rate as the floors are added. The tower crane would have a heavy weight, which is used as a counter-weight on the opposite side of the boom, and the operator would sit in a special cabin, close to the operating boom.
  • Overhead Crane – Typically found at ports, the overhead crane has a moveable boom that lifts and stacks containers, and with a series of these, a large port can move hundreds of sea containers in a single day. Also known as a suspended crane, the lifting mechanism runs along a rail and these are often found in factories where heavy loads are lifted.
  • Loader Crane – This consists of a single, pivoted crane arm that is attached to the vehicle and the crane is used to load and unload heavy materials. The supplier of building materials would use such a vehicle, for easy unloading, plus there are a number of extensions for the crane arm, depending on the type of loads carried.

If you need a crane for a heavy lifting operation, talk to a local crane hire company, who would have an impressive fleet of cranes for long or short-term hire. When you hire a crane, an experienced operator is part of the package, and it is he who is responsible for how the lift is carried out.







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